The Impact of #Openhire - Year One

Our goal in establishing #OpenHire was to change the culture of hiring creative freelancers in theatre, to make it more transparent – more open. Below is some information about the difference #OpenHire has made in its first year.

Who Advertises on #OpenHire?

Many companies, producers and freelancers use #OpenHire to search for talented creatives. Some major companies have made a commitment to advertising at least one major role per year through the platform. Companies committing this year include:

#Openhire is Popular

Subscribers (Jan 2022)

#Openhire is changing the culture of hiring

Have you noticed an increase in the number of freelance creative jobs being advertised openly (not just on #OpenHire) since Sept 2020?

YES 80%

#Openhire is Useful

Have you applied for a job on #OpenHire?

YES 66%

#Openhire introduces employers to new talent

Is your #Openhire application likely to be the first time that employer has heard from you?

YES 89%
I think the concept is brilliant, it's so important for the theatre industry to advertise jobs out to freelancers and not just hire on word of mouth as otherwise it is impossible for new talent to break into the industry
OpenHire User